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Course Management Service Webinar, November 2020

The Course Management Service (CMS) Webinar was designed to provide HEP CMS users with key information around the AY 2020/21 course submission process for all full-time undergraduate courses, part-time courses and postgraduate courses.

The webinar covered; entering course information on to CMS, the correct application of flags, term dates, fee entry common errors and SLC’s approach to course entry validation. We also supported the viewer by detailing any changes needed to help CMS users prepare ahead of academic year 20/21 as a result of student finance adjustments due to the COVID pandemic.

You can view below the Course Management Service Webinar recording including all 4 Q&A broadcasts, along with a full transcript of the webinar recording and the Questions & Answers Booklet.

(PDF Download) Course Management Service Webinar Transcript

(PDF Download) Course Management Service Webinar Questions and Answers Booklet

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