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Preparing Providers for Academic Year 20-21 Webinar Programme, August 2020

The Preparing Providers for Academic Year 20/21 webinar programme was designed to provide Higher Education Providers (HEPs) with key information and best practice guidance for administrators who use the HE Portal.

Over the 5 Webinar sessions, we focused on enabling providers to submit timely and accurate data, the joint HEP/SLC Service Agreement and outlined the obligations to fulfilling and meeting Service Standards. The webinars also covered changes that need to be prepared for ahead of academic year 20/21 as a result of student finance adjustments due to the COVID pandemic.

You can view all of these webinars along with the Question & Answer booklet below.

(PDF Download) Preparing Providers for Academic Year 20-21 Webinar Programme Question & Answer Booklet

The Change of Circumstances Webinar

The COVID-19 Related Changes Webinar

The Attendance Management Webinar

The Withdrawals & Overpayments Webinar

The Tailoring Student Information & Registration Webinar

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